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This is Neil Diamond
Here is Neil Diamond performing live in Denver, Colorado, during his Millennium concert.
On the stroke of midnight, giant U.S.flags were unfurled from the ceiling, while he sang his hit song "America".

The lyrics to "Be..." One of my favourite balads.

Lost...on a painted sky, where the clouds are hung, for the poets eye...
You may find him...if you may find him.
There...on a distant shore, by the wings of dreams,
through an open may know him, if you may. a page that aches for a word which speaks on a theme
that is timeless, while the sun god will make for your day. a song in search of a voice that is silent,
and the one God will make for your way.

And we a whispered voice, overheard by the soul,
undertook by the heart...and you may know it,
if you may know it.
While the sand would become the stone, which begat the spark,
turned to living bone...
Holy Holy...
Sanctus Sanctus...

"I've Been This Way Before"
I've seen the light, and I've seen the flame.
And I've Been This Way Before, and I'm sure to be this way again.
For I've been refused, and I've been regained.
And I've seen your eyes before, and I'm sure to see your eyes again...once again.
For I've been released, and I've been regained.
And I've sung my song before, and I'm sure to sing my song again...once again.

Some people got to laugh, some people got to cry,
some people got to make it through by never wond'ring why...

Some people got to sing, some people got to sigh,
some people never see the light until the day they die...

But I've been released, and I've been regained, and
I've Been This Way Before, and I'm sure to be this way again...once again.
One more time again...just one more time.

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