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Welcome. name is Vince.
I'm 47 years old, I've been married for 25 years (to the same woman), and I live in Port Elizabeth in sunny South Africa.
This website is dedicated to my hobby, which is Star Trek, and there's also something about my love of Neil Diamond's music.
I'd like to share some pictures, and also the lyrics to some of my favourite Neil Diamond songs.
"Treknology" is the study of Star Trek. I sometimes refer to it as the "History of the Future". There's some really fascinating stuff, such as the hundreds of different worlds and their inhabitants, each with their own customs and beliefs, each one at a different point in their progress. Then there's the technology, such as Starship design, warp drive, transporters, replicators, and all the other really fascinating "future" technologies that may be just a glimpse of what could be someday. Hey! you never know!! Below is a link to join a Webring.
IPMS Sci-Fi Special Interest Group Webring
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This is me, in my office.
If you look closely at my computer, you'll see a Star Trek screen saver. Star Trek is one of my passions. (Apart for my wife of course!)

I study Star Trek, and call myself a'Treknologist', hence the name of this site. I have a collection of all the Star Trek movies on DVD, and all the TV-show episodes on video.

I also have a Star Trek encyclopedia on CD-rom, and subscribe to a weekly publication called 'Star Trek Fact Files'.

I've also recently started building plastic models of the Star Trek starships. I've completed three, and I still have seven to build. It's a lot harder than you might think, especially the painting. There will be pages dedicated to this, where you can follow the progress of a model, from begining to end. The next one I plan to start is particularly tricky, as it involves internal fibre-optic lighting.

The menu on the top of this page will take you where you want to be.

There's a page for Star Trek, one for Neil Diamond, and also pictures of the Starship models that I build. Check them out!
Send me an e-mail:

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Star Trek Definitions
Star Trek has a very long history. Way back in the early Sixties, the Starship Enterprise under the command of Captain James T. Kirk, took to the air, and is still being shown around the world.

This series is refered to as TOS, short for "The Original Series". A whole bunch of Star Trek movies followed, and Star Trek became so popular that Paramount decided to make a new TV-series called "Star Trek: The Next Generation" or TNG for short. This very popular series ran for seven years, and is still the longest running Sci-Fi television series ever. In fact it was so popular that Paramount started a spin-off series called "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" or DS9 for short. It too became very popular, and was voted the best Trek series. A second spin-off series also became quite popular, "Star Trek: Voyager", or VOY for short. Both spin-off shows ran for seven seasons, pretty good going for Sci-Fi shows.
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